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Tokuji Hayakava
(Founder Of Sharp Corporation)

  1. We want to have satisfied clients. Customer orientation is the key issue for all employees. This means competent service provision. Our understanding of this concept is: We need our clients and they need us.

  2. As independant consultants we concentrate on midsize companies (client: proprietors and CEOs) but also on executives of larger corporations and organisations. For our clients we provide noticeable advantages and benefits.

  3. We deliver premium, individual, custom-tailored, state-of-the-art consultancy and training services for management, organisation and technology tasks. In cooperation with universities and partners we develop our own methods and tools and offer them to our clients and partners. Our focus is set on strategic development and implementing solutions in our fields of expertise.

  4. The human resources aspect has crucial significance for the success of the consultancy and training projects. Together with management teams and their employees we work on concepts for efficiency improvement, innovation, financing and change management while our concern is sustainable implementation. In order to achieve our mission we need the support of reliable people.

  5. By using our own and our clients' resources effectively we maximise our output/input ratio.

  6. We do not just want to be paid but to be appreciated for our work. We negotiate fees related to achievement of results. A case by case basis applies. Such remuneration schemes can / will also be used in contracts with our employees and partners.

  7. We offer challenging positions, attractive working conditions as well as personal development opportunities without underestimating the importance of day to day tasks. We want and likewise have to offer a challenging but ballanced working relationship. Both sides must be committed to each other. The goals that we set and the measurement tools for these goals will be checked and revised on a regular basis. If a significant difference occurs we will look for the reasons and explore the consequences.

  8. We will always communicate honestly with our partners and take personal points of view into consideration which are subject to change over time. Constructive criticism should be offered to both management and employees as well as work partners. This ensures a continuous improvement process within the company.

  9. Our work is objective and realistic even though results and consequences are sometimes not what everyone would like. If there happen to be significant differences in expectations we look for respectful compromises. If this is not possible we will aim to end the relationship in a positive manner.

  10. We can offer a stake in the firm to long standing and loyal employees and partners. Note that this stake implies both the risk and the opportunities of such a business.

  11. We are dedicated to the long term future success of the firm. We want to be looked at as an independant, respected and specialised consulting firm. We aim to become an international organisation. In order to achieve this status we must be innovative and competitive and strive to be profitable on a yearly basis.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nicolas P. Sokianos
2006 (V.1)

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