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We can only give some explanations for the Internet Explorer (Version > 5.5).

Internet Explorer (> 5.5):

  1. Start the automatic installation routine of the browser by visiting sites with chinese fonts, if possible.

  2. If it is not possible, you need the following three fonts to install them in the standard FONT directory of Windows (e.g.: C:\Windows\Fonts):

    MSHEI.TTF and

    You can download them here:
    Link gbfont.exe (includes MINGLIU)
    Link big5font.exe (includes MSHEI und MSSONG)

    You only need to copy the three included fonts into the font directory.

  3. Use "Extras" => "Internet optios" => "Language" => "Add" and chose all listed chinese languages => "OK".
    Restart the Internet Explorer.

  4. May be you've to install (upgrade) the support of Asia languages of MS Office AND/OR your Operating System (Windows).
Otherwise we can give you the following links with further information:
Link View Chinese on the WWW
Link TwinBridge

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